The Artist Gon’l, pronounced Gon-el.

Take pleasure as a visitor to be surrounded in this jungle of extremely imaginative, beautiful, sensitive, and whimsical works of art. Richard is truly one of a find. An echoing symphony of a renascent man. You’ll be immediately taken by the paint of his multifarious heart. His unique paintings and drawings are an abundant treasure chest, filled with life, humor and tomorrow. The key is his innocent honesty. 

The soul that Richard puts into his art is very special. It’s food off the wall of life. It comes from the heart. Richard’s paintings bring the ultimate spark and compliment. It is so hard today, when you have mass produced images that appear worldwide, to be original. In Richard’s work, there is an originality that is all his own. He is a special person. Richard is what many artists pretend to be. 

And the map of Richard, is just beginning to unfold.